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I have to go to the greater Detroit area to install some bunch of network hardware in the next couple of weeks, and I'm trying to find stuff to do.

It just dawned on me today via Natalie that I will be in Detroit over Memorial Day weekend. She was predictably happy about me being gone over the long weekend.

I set about finding shows to go to during that time in Detroit, but found nothing that really stood out, at least on Ticketmaster. If Natalie was going with me, we'd get to Gaelic Storm (especially since I walked by the dining room table tonight and it was the top CD in her stack of stuff from the office). If I was reasonably sure I wouldn't get stabbed or shot, there's the Rap City Showcase, which I think would just be fun, but probably would end in blood, pepper spray, or both. Rap show, Detroit, two dumb white guys. I don't have to watch 8 Mile to know this is probably a bad plan. I thought there was some story about a Detroit Rap Showcase type deal ending in a mass trampling after someone peppersprayed the dancefloor, but I can't find it. I may be making the whole thing up. Maybe it was Chicago. Some flyover state anyway.

I momentarily considered going to Panic Channel, but I'm not convinced yet. I haven't heard a lick of music except to note that we've got 2 original JA members, and one from when they were swirling their last down the bowl. I'm torn on that. Opinions? Maybe I'll get a CD at lunch and make the call.

However, then it dawned on me that, hey, Memorial Day, Midwest. Indy. What kind of Hoosier would I be if I didn't see the 500 mile race at least once live. I know the only way to watch is on TV, I know the whole thing has gone down the crapper in the last decade (but looks like at least speed-wise is doing really well), but I figured if I can score infield passes and decent seats, it's definitely worth the 5 hour ride from Detroit. I'm not going to try and explain why I like open-wheel racing. It's like having a conversation with someone who INSISTS that "not all Kid Rock songs are retarded, he's really musical". Yep, I'll make lots of friends in Detroit.

In any case, I'm going to try really hard to be in Niagara for Tony Bennett on my way back, because how awesome is that? Maybe I'll try and get my wife to drive or fly out and meet me for that, make up for the 10 days away.

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