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I have slacked on posting about Les Claypool and The Coup.

Les jammed a couple songs with The Coup and spent most of their set watching from a balcony. They had a great set, except the mic kept dropping out. I was expecting one of these, because it is what I'd do, but it didn't happen, he kept it together. A large part of me wishes it was Rasputina opening, especially if Les had done any songs with them (which would just fit so well), but The Coup was really powerful also.

The Coup is a funk/hip-hop group from the SF bay area. They have had a couple songs I remember hearing before, but their main noteriety is probably from the inappropriate timing of their Party Music record. I remember being amazed at how close to reality that actually was. Regardless of the message, if I'd had that album art in the can, ready to release, and then it actually happened, I'd feel like a massive dick all of a sudden. And I agree with their economic/social message.

They were really entertaining though, the crowd really got into it, way more than most opening acts. Strong lyrics too, the whole thing was tight. I would have kicked the backup singer off her mic though if I'd been dealing with the mic trouble they were.

Les Claypool and his Fancy Band, this time around. This was about the most fun show this year that we've been to. Natalie says maybe ever. I reminded her of Dresden Dolls at Halloween last year, and actually, them at Lupos as well, as well as NIN at the Orpheum and Bauhaus at the Orpheum. She was going to say Rasputina last year at Pearl Street, except we were both exhausted, I was sick, and we might have caught Hep-C from sitting on the carpeted floor. At least I really hope that was carpet.

In any case, it ranks as just a really fun show that we had a great time with. I'm not that familiar with the not-Primus catalog. I don't know why, but I never really followed most of the other stuff. The venue, Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, is a huge hike from our house, but it's really worth it. It was a fun place to see the show and we were able to score one of the in-house promo posters.

The music was really great, long jams featuring everyone. Gabby Lala jammed the sitar and made sounds happen that I never knew it could make. The music was a mix including some very very old stuff, which the crowd just went nuts for. I'm not into dissecting set lists, but the vibe was just really cool. You can't go wrong with a jam band in Vermont, so I guess it goes without saying. I did like the security vibe there though. Of course people were going to smoke during the show, and the security didn't hassle them (physically) very much about it. I've seen little guys get dragged out of a pit by their throat by overbearing security the second a bowl hit their lips, and this show wasn't like that.

I can't say anything about Les' musical skills that hasn't already been said, but I can say that I was really impressed with the sitar playing, and I'll make sure and get her record sometime. Fun show, really far away though, but worth it.

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