Defcon 14 Day One

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Some photos (some good, some bad) of Defcon 14 day one.

The badge this year was really something special. From the talk that Joe Grand (Kingpin/l0pht) gave about their design, it was something that had been kicked around for several years and costs have come down enough to make them now. They are a PCB with a variety of solder mask colors for different stripes of folk (white for regular people, red for the Goons, green for Press, etc). They've got blue LEDs with 4 different blink modes, steady, random, blah blah. I guess it took some working with the manufacturer on his part to get them to do the cuts and make sure everything looked cool. They won, they are cool. Also, there's a contest for most unique way to hack the badges, for which first prize is a kit to reprogram the chip, etc.

Badge Detail, Front:

Badge Detail, Rear:

Scoreboard for the CTF hackers:

Major Malfunction gave a great talk about magstripe security:

Lockpicking contest:

NickitsbrokenNickitsbrokenNickitsbrokenNickitsbroken, Nick trying to make linux play wirelessly. It ended up not being consistent at the con, and Windows was summoned to that machine. Red Eye reduction didn't have an effect on this photo, he really was that pissed:

Our hotel hates pigeons, not like me:

Our Room with a View...of floodlights: