Palin Running...Huffington Post

That's why I never cite Huffpo or Kos. It's almost as tasty as this one from NewsMax: Rush thinks Obama is going to run for a third term

At least the Leftist Wackjobs waited until we were actually /IN/ the second Bush term before conspiracy theorizing that he would try to stay in office. Rush seems to be conceding 2012 awfully early.

Maybe because Caribou Barbie is walking away from her first term as governor in a complete surprise move. Perhaps in advance of some massive scandal.

That leaves them with what, Jindal and Pawlenty? We've lost Sanford, Palin is a sideshow at best, I guess ceding 2012 isn't such a huge logical leap after all.

Don't rule out Mitt Romney. I think he will make another run at it. You may be right about Palin, a scandal may be brewing.

After voting for Mitt in the January 6, 2008, NH presidential primary, I decided to switch to Obama in about the second week of August. And, I am very glad that I did.

McCain was just too old and too 'out to lunch'.

Never did understand why Mitt Romney lost out to John McCain? Can Mitt win the 2012 Republican nomination? In politics, timing is everything, and after 8 long years of George W Bush-43, the country is looking to welcome at least 8 years of President Barach Obama. (big smiley face!)

Happy July 4th!

"...That's why I never cite Huffpo or Kos..."

Huffington Post sometimes, at least, prints an occasional truthful account. Kos is certifiably among the Loony with a cadre of True Believers. Why else are they nicknamed "Kos Kids"?

Not that the two are even close for "taste", but did anybody read the link?

(Limbaugh, at least, didn't attack the infirm among us).

Quoting Limbaugh:

"Anybody who thinks Obama intends to just constitutionally go away in 2016 is nuts. I think that's what all this ACORN stuff is all about. I think given ACORN money and fraudulent voter registration — whatever it's going to take — these are people who seek power for reasons other than to serve. They seek to rule.”

1) ACORN is all about fraudulent voters.

2) Obama's own Senior Advisor, fellow-Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett, stated "Obama seeks to rule".

3) Obama now runs banks and two auto manufacturers—even hiring and firing their managers.

4) Palin has already covered all "the scandals": It's the Media's unrelenting attacks on her, on her children—and even her grandchildren—plus her court expenses (and the State of Alaska's expenses in court) to fight the false charges brought by the Dim Party's lawyers' that has broken her soul.

However, she still has a backbone: I don't think she's "running away" at all. Any "run" for higher office takes more than the three years remaining until 2012.

Obama scares me—and others—and I, for one, wish her luck.



The only place she is running is away from politics and into ethical mess she created all by herself.

What did Governor Palin do to Michael Jackson?