Veterinarian HealthCare...

Veterinarian HealthCare should be free for all American pet owners—especially for dogs used for dogfighting.

Moreover, Americans rich enough to have pets should be enabled to receive their free prescription drugs from their Veterinarians when Nationalized HealthCare Clinics are jam-packed with wounded and shot-up drug-pushers, pimps, Illegals and drug-dazed slackers.

Gather in groups: Discuss.


Clever Peace

My dog shouldn't be penalized for his weight gain, eating all the wrong things, birth defects, running out into the street to get injured, and the infirmities of old age.

It's our solemn duty to the helpless and the homeless to keep them secure in their health, especially for those who can't afford the HealthCare Insurance for a very-beloved pet. With thousands of "doggy-MRI machines" in Canada and America, there's just no excuse any longer!

"A country is judged by the way it treats their animals".
(et. al.)

And we think it is expensive to go to the vets now? Wait 'til the gov. takes it over!