Wolfeboro Community Forum Administrator Dies

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of William (Bill) Kiaser, affectionately known as "Lugnut". It is my understanding that Lugnut died on Monday, May 24th of a massive heart attack.
I became member number 13 of the Wolfeboro Community Forum and its most prolific poster. As is my nature, I was skeptical at first, but Lugnut proved to be an even tempered moderator and a nice guy.
An entity has manifested itself on the Wolfeboro Community Forum under the guise of "Lugnut Jr." Since Lugnut had no offspring living in the area, I consider the incarnation of "Lugnut Jr. as decidedly tacky. The new entity has claimed Lugnut's membership number 1.
I don't yet know who the new Lugnut Jr. is, but I do know that he or she is not the old Lugnut and never will be. Therefore, here I am in exile again!

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Oh my! I'm very sorry to hear this, give my best to any family you know of, that's terrible.

My hope is that Lugnut Jr. is just a member taking over as part of a well-planned succession. Exactly the kind of thing I don't have in place here. Someone else who was privy to passwords and could keep the forum going.

All the best guys,


In my opinion, he or she needs to pick a new name.

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Yeah, you're probably right there.

How have things been going up there? Same old same old?

Pretty good really. The Forum's really small but has some intelligent members with intelligent posts. There's also your old PtW nemesis operating under a new three word name. He was driving Lugnut crazy with his right wing whacko posts. Recently that poster has been taking a rest.
I hope some sort of forum recovers from Lugnut's loss, it's a lot of fun to me.

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The forums were really the only thing of value on the old Wolfeboro.net site, that's why I was so insistent on not just shutting the whole thing down. I'm really glad it's being kept alive somewhere and is still useful and fun.