Black Friday

It's black Friday alright, especially at the "Newest" Wolfeboro Forum.
I miss you Tis & Dragonfly.
M. Heppelwhite

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It's been so dead on the forum I didn't even notice your post.

Hope everyone has a good holiday up north!

Wolfeboro's not an active Forum town. Day to day 3 or 4 Forum members make predictable posts. My reference to Black Friday was because last Friday the whole Forum was down, so I thought I might stir something up here on this Forum.
Well, I did and you "woke up" today.
Meanwhile the "new" Forum's back to normal, which means it's pretty dead again.
M Heppelwhite

Hi X! I even stopped checking this forum because nothing was happening. I agree the new Wolf one is very quiet. I think people got tired of so many changes thinking "How long is this forum going to last?" I am getting tired of the same old argument all the time though. Guess it happens. old coot never joined us on the new forum and O.C. never did either. Lots of other too.

Hi tis. I'm here, keeping my word about staying loyal to this Forum. I never understood why you and many other members rushed off of this forum to join a new one. It's too bad that a small group sub-divided into two smaller groups. But I spoke my peace during the defection and I guess I didn't sway the majority.

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Both counts actually. Even in the days of Keith and Ralph's site, much of the time the discussions had a pretty predictable tone. Add to that that any time there are multiple options, they all get somewhat lower traffic. I never wanted to make a big attempt to keep you guys from moving because ultimately I was just filling a void left by K&R's site's demise and people need to use whatever is most convenient for them.

I'm keeping the forums up for historical purposes in any case, though I have unfortunately had to raise the barrier to entry somewhat. I've had to make all new accounts subject to approval by me due to spammers creating several per day. For whatever reason, even though I KNOW they're able to, almost no spammers abuse anonymous commenting.

As always, you're all welcome to come by and say Hi, post a thread or whatever you like, including front-page stories. I've been posting less often myself to the main site lately. We've been going to fewer concerts, and the ones we've been at don't allow cameras lately.

You've not seen barriers until you try and participate in the Winnipeaukee Forum. Members got shot down yesterday by the webmaster for having had the audacity to discuss coffeemakers on his high-falutin' website.
Educators should make their students participate on the Winnipesaukee Forum so they may get a taste of living under Communism.

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ZING, free market for the win.

Nice to talk to you guys again. It is like seeing old friends you haven't seen. I didn't rush off to the other forum, oc. I posted at both places until almost nothing was happening here. AS I said I checked here regularly to see what was going on but not much was. I only gave up checking daily a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry we don't have a lot at one place whereever that would be. (like we used to.)

Nice to touch bases with you too tis. Drop by now and then and say hello when you miss me.

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Tis, you've definitely got a stronger constitution than I do! I would come through maybe once every two or three weeks just to see if anything got posted that I didn't get notified about. About that, if you'd like to be notified of any new threads, you can go to the My Account link at the left, then to the Subscriptions tab, and select "Content Types".

Inside the Content Types menu, you can select Forum Topic and hit Save. I rarely make "Pages" or "Stories", all of my stuff is "Blog Entries", so Forum Topic will alert you to anything in the forums and nothing more.

You can let people know that if they want to discuss any topics outside the scope of the other site, they can feel free to jump here and start a thread. Coffee machines being no exception :-)

Before this week, I think the last thing posted was from like CW, who replied to some thread that had been dead forever, which I'm sure was trying to argue with something, but I couldn't figure out what, and didn't care enough to find out. However I'm always happy to see people on here.

When this forum was very active, x, I did get the notices in my email but there were so many and I came here anyway, I stopped them. It might be a good idea to do that again though and then I wouldn't have to check here. Again, no offense to anyone. I have just been going where the action is!!! Although only a few of us post on the other site, we seem to keep it busy most of the time.