Dragonflies Antiques Grand Opening Friday May 1st

At last - Dragonflies is going to fly once again.

Our grand opening is Friday May 1st at 10:00 am.

Hope you can drop by and join us and see the transformation of this great old barn to a new functional space.

From traditional antiques to modern art you'll find a plethora of one of a kind objects of desire to liven up your life.

We're excited to be working with a Maine metal artist Gary Hume who creates wonderful armillary spheres. We are also the sole gallery showcasing the works of Joseph Scannell who was the Art & Architecture Professor at St. Anslems College for 25+ years.

In addition to our folk art and modern collection we also offer a nice selection of hard to find reference books on history and folk art, and a large selection of vintage vinyl and cd's from jazz to more esoteric selections to help you think outside the box.

QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS WANTED: We are always looking for high quality consignments like this fabulous one of a kind hooked rug which we recently got from a Wolfeboro home. Some of our favorite things are: Furniture; Sculptures; Classic Boats or Autos; Garden Statuary; Hooked Rugs; Quilts; Weathervanes; Folk Art; Americana; Paintings; Antiquarian Books; Vintage Photography; Wicker; White Mountain; Wolfeboro or Lake Memorabilia.

If you'd like to receive our monthly newsletter please drop by our website at www.dragonflies-antiques.com and sign up.

Stop by soon - we'll be waiting for you!

DF, You look cute holding one of your antiques at your grand opening.

Congratulations and good luck!


The last post was from me "wolf". I forgot to sign in before posting.

Congratulations again!


I saw that nice pic in the paper too DF!

Yes Dragonfly, the Granite got a lot better shot of you, then they had in their "above the fold" mug shot of Jim Lowry!
Myself, I was looking through the paper for Huggins detailed explanation for having eliminated their maternity ward. (You know, the one that they've promised for the last three weeks?) It's too bad that someone doesn't hold the hospital's feet to the fire and have them produce an explanation. They are certainly not going to say anything more about it, unless they are forced to.

OH, that reminds me there is a petiton going around to have Huggins maintain the maternity ward. Don't know if it will do any good but I said I would sign it.

The interesting thing about the hospital is that when you first step inside the front door there is a LARGE photo inside on the right which says "The future of Huggins" and shows a baby - an infant's face.

Looks like their PR firm should get together with their PR firm.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

We are very proud of this house - our greatest business accomplishment to date - the shop looks fabulous and we're making lots of great sales. Come on by.