Frank McCourt Amuses Me

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I've not read a word of Frank McCourt's writing, but my wife has always been a huge fan. I heard this interview a few years ago and stopped in a strip mall parking lot to listen to the whole thing because he was so fascinating to hear.

On Point reran it yesterday, so saving me from having to search it out.

Listen here

Fascinating man, and I loved the former students calling in. Those are among the books I keep intending to pull off the shelf, but I just never do.

Funny you should mention that, x. Dragonfly just sent me the book "Tis". I have never read it, at least that I remember. Do you think there is a reason she sent it to me??????

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You know, seconds after I posted that I thought to myself "I wonder if Tis is a huge Frank McCourt fan"?

Write up a review if you're so inclined after you finish. My wife just got done telling me again that I need to read those books.

Could it be because your name is Tis?

I've had that damn book kicking around my life as long as I've been blogging with you Tis. I really should have gotten it to you earlier but ce le vie. You have it now - please tell me how you like it. If it's wicked good I may like it back to read myself some day.

OK, you can have it back. I am curious to see why it is named that. Mine is not because of the slang for "it is". It is initials but not mine.

Dragonfly has a reason for EVERYTHING that she does.

Ya - that reason was really devious - I wanted to get it out of my life - play it forward - however by doing that I got a very clean copy of Angelas Ashes at the Swap Shop. So who wants it when I'm done?

Which reminds me, DF, I have that at work, waiting to return to you. Thanks.