Bunch of savages in this town

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I've become used to our lawn sprouting all sorts of crap, soda bottles, McDonalds bags and trash, but this is different. Yesterday, someone placed a shopping cart on my lawn. I say "placed" because it was inside a short chain (not chain link, like, a chain that runs between posts, it's not as bad [quite] as it sounds), in the middle of the fences run. So if it had been blown over it, it would have fallen over on its side, so it was either lifted and placed or pushed around the end to the middle of my lawn.

In any case, now I have a shopping cart. I left it out there for a day as kind of a middle finger to my neighbors (whose kids I'm sure put it there, I have no idea how else it would end up in my lawn), as well as a "fair chance" for either whoever put it there to get it out, or for someone to re-steal it, which would have been swell.

It's mine now. What do I do with it? The current thought is to get some bolt cutters and make ladders and perches for my pigeon, and then use the wheels in some project some time.

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