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My wife and I were having a discussion about a mother and son who overdosed at the same time in a small town in Vermont this last week, mainly the fact that heroin users don't just overdose usually if they have a clue. I forwarded an article about heroin users dying in Pittsburg and she sent me the following link saying "well, it looks like Ecstacy is a problem there". Her link was from Narconon, and I started telling her to take anything from them with a whole shaker of salt, since they're Church of Scientology, blah blah etc. Then I thought about her link. Even if ecstacy is a problem in this town, why would they necessarily have a whole page on it.


So the state and city are in the query string, I changed them to my own state and city, and got the same page.

My favorite was:

This one

I have no problem with telling people about the dangers of drugs, but if you are google-spamming with a mad-libs based page to do it, you're lying to people and being dangerous about it.

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