DeVotchKa - Paradise, Boston 5-18-2008

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Tonight was Devotchka, with Basia Bulat and Fancy Trash opening.

Plus some pics

Devotchka are one of those bands that Natalie loves with a passion, but which I really prefer to see live, like Chris Isaak. We first saw them open for the Dresden Dolls at Avalon (now a pile of bricks) on Halloween in 2005, immediately Devotchka became a big player in our collection.

There weren't any circus performers this time, but they really packed a lot of action onto the small stage at the 'Dise.

Fancy Trash opened first, they look like this:

Apparently they have a drummer, he was standing by me, so this was a drummer-free set. I didn't really take too many pics, and the ones I got of the bassist didn't come out too great. He was simply rocking too hard I guess. In any case, he looks like this.

Basia Bulat was really great. She played autoharp and guitar, and had Devotchka's viola and cello players with her set. One thing I just learned is that her ukulele player, Holly Rancher, has a fantastic junk food blog from their travels. The set was great and we got her CD. It'll get listened to quite a bit I'm sure.

Some pics from her set:

Devotchka rocked it hard for about two hours, with most of the more energetic stuff at the end. We recalled the Dresden Dolls show as having been faster stuff, but it was a different crowd, Little Miss Sunshine wasn't out yet, and they didn't have the recognition of a Grammy nomination. This crowd probably knew them a whole lot better, so there was more variety.

Really great set, though I'd have to say the sound was worse than at Saul Williams overall. The accordion would come and go as it pleased, but overall even with 9 people on stage you could pick out who was playing what.

Just before the encore a few of us were asked not to take any more photos. I didn't mind this at all, but I'd like to know if it was a band complaint or from the club or what. My guess is that a bunch of idiotically bright light meters coming from the audience might piss a guy off after 90 minutes. I really like that the Paradise has a loose camera policy and I want to avoid making bands complain to the point that no one can take pictures anymore.

And the Devotchka ones:

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