Imelda May @ Brighton Music Hall, 7-30-2011

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Misfits - Hollywood Babylon

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Before even getting into the show, the best part of my day was hounding the friend I recruited at the last minute that his car was "definitely" going to be towed. I made him paranoid to the point that he went to check, and the tow truck guy had actually HOOKED HIS CAR UP when he ran up and paid the guy off and moved it to street parking. This is why Boston requires that you own either a shitty car in general or have a beater so you're not leaving your precious princess A7 on the street in Allston until after midnight :-)

The show was amazing. I hadn't been to the Brighton Music Hall since they took it over from Harpers Ferry. The venue hasn't really changed much, if at all. I think they have new floors, and I think they opened up another door, since there seems to be a lot more space to get in and out.

The lighting wasn't that bright for Jittery Jack, who is local and great. I think he said he found out he'd be opening like two weeks before the show and got a band together. They did a great job, Natalie thought he was like Jumpin' Bill Carlisle. Put on a great fun set, he got money from my wife, buy his CD.

It was good to see Imelda May on her solo tour, we'd seen her with Jeff Beck on the Les Paul tribute tour, which was just ludicrously good, and the band was likewise great on a smaller stage with a sweating dancing crowd. She was all over the place and the band was lots of fun. They played plenty of covers with their original songs, including Tainted Love and That's All Right.

As I clicked around to get some more info tonight, I find there are two shows I wish I'd attended, and am quite sad I didn't. There was one at Somerset House in London, which is directly across the street from the hotel we stayed at only a couple of months ago. That would have just been awesomely convenient. I also found that two days ago there was a show in Philly with Imelda May and Wanda Jackson, who we just love, and have seen 1 1/2 times.

Here are some pictures, more like them on Flickr (and for Jittery Jack):

Jittery Jack:

Jittery Jack, being Jittery: