I've already moved on

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I've not written about our pending kitchen renovation, but I will, at length, of course.

Sun, 09/04/2016 - 11:04am - Youngstown salesman's model of our upcoming kitchen renovation.  didn't have a fridge, so I had to stack a couple cabinets to the right of the stove... csFlickr
Note: This is not the actual layout. That is a surprise for later.

With not a hammer swung in anger so far, I've moved on to the next room. After the kitchen is finished, we intend to move through the rest of the house like a force of nature to right many of the wrongs, rewire, insulate, refinish the floors, fix broken stair treads, etc.

You see, we have this dining room. It's actually pretty perfect the way it is:

We just found that really great mid-century table and put it in this room which had always kind of geared toward 1920s type art like the poster you see, a Thomas Hart Benton one, etc.

We also have a Mod 1970s olive chandelier which is meant to go in this space, being my one "Fully Mod" thing that I'm going to get in this house :-)

So I was thinking, make that room 1970s. Let's see what the Brady Bunch have for a dining room. Anything look familiar there? The chairs themselves, the olive and gold, all that stuff is the same. There was also an art-deco revival in the '70s.

My aunt and uncle's house at the time was full of streamlined and art-deco stuff, lots of which was my grandfathers while he was with them, and it fit in great with her very very ‘70s decor that they had. She crocheted wonderful Olive and Gold and Brown zig-zag blankets and had them piled up everywhere mixed with my grandfather's stuff, all shaped like this:

Since my uncle worked at the Beech Grove Shops, he had what was, to 6 year old me, a great collection of streamlined 1930’s locomotives and paintings and models and stuff, and it all just worked really well together, and it all would go great in our house.

I’d love to have a streamlined train model actually, for real. Couple feet of O Gauge track with a locomotive on it, somewhere.

I’d definitely not spend any time or money making it “look more 70s”, but when we need to get a sideboard, and we do need to do that, we get something like this.

I really need to stop thinking about things at this level of detail.