Jane's Addiction, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA 8-11-2012

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D.R.I. - Beneath The Wheel

Jane's Addiction at Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, 8-11-2012

This was our second time seeing Jane's Addiction in the last couple of years, and neither time did we manage to get anywhere near the stage. I think they sounded much better at the NIN/JA show than here, both just in sound mixery, and the playing. It was a good show, but unfortunately not the best thing ever.

I don't care, we still liked it. The opening band was Band of Skulls. They were good, you couldn't see shit, but they were pretty good... Lighting was kind of weird all around anyway. It was not unlike being at the Paradise, but 200 feet away, so my photos were by and large pretty unfortunate. I probably wouldn't have had issues with the lighting had we not been in row BB, but you really couldn't see much of anyone but Perry much of the time. Here are some of the ones that turned out roughly decent (More on Flickr:

Band of Skulls:



They had some perfomance artists during the show. I didn't get decent photos of the women in huge gowns or whatever, there was also this guy, rubbing clay slip all over his head, which was pretty amusing, but didn't fit with anything really:

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