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On Halloween, we saw Dresden Dolls at the Avalon. We got there way early, played a few racks at Jillians before hand, and still got in way early. Devotchka and Faun Fables opened and were all really good, and we ended up spending a lot of cash at the merch table at that show. Costumes were for the most part really cool, and everyone was better than me, since I just left from work in whatever I was wearing that day. Best were the two (presumed geeks) in full body PVC with white LEDS on their face masks like headlights. Fucking cool.

Tonight we went to Bauhaus at the Orpheum. Generally we hate the Orpheum, this is our third visit this year, and seating is real hit or miss. Miss -- Tori Amos, my wife and I were both crushed up in our seats in the balcony, couldn't move at all, and our legs were totally screwed by the end. We are not 7 feet tall. Hit -- Nine Inch Nails/Dresden Dolls, we were in the front row of the balcony, so there was an aisle in front of us with all the legroom you could want. That and everyone stood the whole time for that show anyway. I suspect if Tori had rocked more and people stood up, we would have been fine at that one too.
Tonight we had orchestra seating and there was plenty of room, and again no one needed it anyway. I was most concerned about my wife and if she'd get into the show, since she barely knows the music. She loved it, and I think that says more than anything about the show. She, well, we, everyone, was just entranced the whole time.
Some Napster venture was selling live CDs directly after the show for $25, double set. It was totally worth the money although vocals were sometimes really distorted, especially when there were electric drums involved. I like the Pixies approach better, of selling you a voucher at the show, then taking the board mix into the studio, remixing it, making it sound good, pressing it on good CDs instead of mass-burning them, and giving it to you when it's "ready".
The only odd thing about the show was, as I told Natalie, "The Head Vampire should not have male pattern baldness". You could tell it was coming quite a long time ago. Watch the Cuts You Up video.
I keep saying "this or that was the show of the year", but really, out of the couple of shows a month we've been to, the only things that sucked were either environmental or our own doing (painful Tori at the Orpheum, the PA picking up jets from Logan at the other Tori show, being fucking exhausted for Rasputina at the Pearl). We're getting a CD in a few days from Tori at Harborlights, BoA Pavillion, whatever, with the airplane PA, I'll be interested to see if they made it into the final mix. I was sure that those would stop them making a CD of that show, I am happy.
I lied, Tarantula A.D. sucked at the Rasputina show, but they were quickly forgotton. My imagination tells me that there might be a time and place for them, and that that just wasn't it, but my cold logical heart tells me they suck and that's the end of it. Time will tell I guess.

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