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Drill, Baby, Drill.


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Joe Buck Yourself - 4/14/2010

Tonight we got to see Joe Buck Yourself at the Brick House in Dover, NH. This show was the biggest coincidence ever. We first saw Joe Buck playing bass with Hank III at the Roxy, and it killed us, and cost me a toenail. I have been waiting to see him solo ever since.

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The Goth Militia Is Rising!

This past weekend the feds conducted raids in three states targeting the Hutaree militia group. These guys are Christian survivalist extremists, "Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive". They believe the Anti-Christ walks among us, that kind of thing. Nevermind that as I understand it, if the Anti-Christ is walking among us, that means the rapture has already happened, which means "You Lose".

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

[music | Killing Joke - Tension]

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Dear Internet Advertisers

[music | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - All Tomorrows Parties]

This week both Ars Technica and Fark, both of whom get decent traffic, have basically begged users not to use ad blockers. I think people would be less likely to use ad block if your ads didn't kill our browsers, below are some examples.

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Gutter's Redemption

-- Update: Seeing the reaction this has generated is driving me to demand one of these for all upcoming concerts, get ready Natalie.

Last week we got to see George Clinton at the House of Blues. Thanks to HoB policy of a rectal exam for every male customer, I have no photos of this event, which is why Natalie whipped out the following illustration:

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Find LDAP groups with obsolete users

OpenLDAP has a nice "feature" that allows for group members to continue to exist, even if the user does not exist any more. Really handy! Problem is, if you, say, have a user in the "Domain Admins" group, and you delete that account, and then some normal user comes along with the same username, they will end up with unexpected elevated privileges.

So I created a script that I run weekly that finds group members that no longer exist, and sends me a report. It also tells me which groups are empty.

This relies on my toolbox... Find it here.

Using some of our new tools

Ok... Now that we have our toolbox Let's do something with it. Today we'll look at a simple solution to an everyday problem. Resetting a password.

Part 4: Wrapping up the foundations

Just to wrap up, and in case you are lazy like me, give you a whole file worth of subroutines. It's my toolbox and I'm giving it to you. I put this in a secure location and just call it from my other scripts. This makes the code much shorter in my other scripts, nearly auto-commenting, and avoids bugs because if it works in one, it will work in others.

NOTE: This uses the foundations in parts 1, 2 and 3. You can find them here: Part 1 Part 2 Part3


Part 3: The SubRoutines

Now for the tools. There's a lot here, but in further articles you will see how this can be useful. I'll go through each tool with what it does, how to call it, and then the code itself.

NOTE: This uses the foundations in parts 1 and 2. You can find them here: Part 1 Part 2



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