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The Daily Mail accomplishes the impossible


Del Tha Funky Homosapien - The Undisputed Champs

They've managed to compare Burger King to Heston Blumenthal in one breath. Favorably.

I can't say I'm likely to order either a bacon sundae or a Burger King pulled pork sandwich. I mean, thank you guys for making your fries suck less, but knock this off.

Via The Daily Mail

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London trip in a nutshell, Day 1

People noticed I seemed kind of testy for on-vacation-guy last week, here's why.

We got to the hotel at 10:30am, so effectively 5:30 EST. Our room wasn't done,so we walked around and waited for my mom's plane to land. We didn't want to get too far from the hotel in case my mom showed up, which she kept not doing, so we started to get kind of worried. Around 1 we decided to just hang out in the lobby and wait for the room. I slept, Natalie walked around some more.

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I'm going to pop

[music | Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (Amduscia Remix)]

I think I just gave myself diabeetus. For Natalie's birthday I took her to breakfast. I got as close to full-English as you can get in my town:

2 bacon
2 sausage links
2 pancakes (where's my pertaters)
2 bread, toast
baked beans
eggs (scrambled)

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The Pigeon - R.I.P

I am no longer a default bird owner.

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Thanks Sweetie

This year Natalie and I decided to put a spending limit on presents for each other, since if we want something we'll just go get it. That and we were spending a bit of dough on some other presents, anyway, it was like $20.

I got her the Muppet Movie, which she'd never seen, the heretic.

She got me...pain in a bag, and I love her for it.

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Loreena McKennitt - Wang Center

[music | Love & Rockets - Shelf Life]

Natalie and I took her youngest sister (as a high school graduation present) and her mom (as a mothers day present) to see Loreena McKennitt...

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Strawberry and Cream cake

[music | Sneaker Pimps - Tesko Suicide]

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Room Service Ahoy

Yaargh mateys, 'tis time for some roomservice fit for a pirate. My boss and I decided against walking around in gale force winds to find a restaurant, and I knew no one in their right mind would seat me in the hotel restaurant, so I ordered room service and watched Good Eats instead. I was surprised.

This is justification after someone (British no less) made fun of my canapes last night...

I don't eat meat, it has been a year since I've had even chicken. I decided not to tempt fate too much and just ordered (safety) chicken, I wasn't disappointed.

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Trip to Bermuda

[music | Hanzel Und Gretyl + My Air Conditioner]

Here are some photos from day 1. We didn't get in until like 10pm, so the pics are just my room, and the weather kind of sucks today (well, on and off, like it always is here).

I think we were on the front plane out of Boston on our way to JFK.

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Tonight, my wife and I made cookies:

These are very orangy and we dipped them in chocalate on the backside, really good.
They're made from a carved wooden roller and then hand painted:

Sugar cookies and ginger cookies, frosted:

More suger cookies, snowflakes:

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