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[music | Tweaker - Swamp]

It was starting to feel a little sparse there for a while. Now we have:
Morrissey at BofA Pavilion

B.B. King at Hampton Beach Casino

I'm pretty excited about both of these, still need to get more Industrial Music in the Boston area, but if not, these will more than suffice.

I'm still enjoying the Gentleman of Leisure thing, but I feel that very very soon after I get back from helping my mom with her surgery, I want to be flooded with work.

Moreso since the fucking ad to the right on LiveJournal right now is a fucking VistaPrint ad, they seem to pop up a lot. If there was ever one thing that bugged me about that place it was their advertising policies. Not that it didn't generate lots of dough, but I had heated discussions about them more than once. I'd way rather see banner ads from them I guess than 300 Unsolicited But Somehow Not Spam emails.

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