The World is Against Me Today

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Message from xrayspx at 12:06:20
I had the slowed drive ever today. I literally at one point was stuck behind a garbage truck, which was in turn behind a cement mixer.

Message from xrayspx at 12:06:55
But after I got in, and got in the garage, (where I had to wait for a woman with a walker to cross in front of me, WALKER), I was parking on the roof and there was this old man with his hood up.

Message from $wife at 12:07:11
yes, I'm here. Sorry you had a slow drive in

Message from xrayspx at 12:07:19
After all that, I am still a basically swell guy, so when I got all my shit together I went over to him to make sure everything was OK.

Message from $wife at 12:07:29
was he?

Message from xrayspx at 12:07:41
"Is everything all right? I saw your hood was up, wanted to make sure you didn't need to make a call or something"

Message from xrayspx at 12:07:58
"Uhh, it was up because I was URINATING, and I didn't want anyone to see me".

Message from xrayspx at 12:08:09
Dude... Just tell me "yeah, everything is fine", ugh.

Message from xrayspx at 12:08:32
He really did emphasize URINATING pretty strongly.