You know what, no, they don't

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Because if people could remember what 100 years ago Earth was like, they'd know that the best things to happen in the last 100 years are based around the idea that if we all work together, then when we're old, we will take care of each other. And when we're young, rather than work like adults, we will teach our children with the collective knowledge of our species so we can continue to advance. We can afford to take care of those who can't work like the rest. Too much of the time, we choose not to take care of those people.

That's the best stuff we have done in the past 100 years. While it's true that we didn't have deaths by drugs in the scale we have now, that's because cocaine and heroin had only just been processed into their current deadly forms, and had to build a legitimate network for growth and transport because they were transitioning from "local traditional treatment, which is sometimes abused" to "medicine" at that time. We didn't have nearly the death rate from car crashes either, let alone plane crashes and exploding personal repositories of real-time global information we carry in our pockets.

We have the resources as a species to basically feed and take care of each other, and we won't. Instead we're arguing over like ability and whether one guy capable of destroying the world has politicsed us into electing a maniac of our own.