2021 is Dumb

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  • February: Given until Sept 1 to vacate Atlanta datacenter and move to new facility. At the time, I thought that was crazy aggressive and unlikely. That was cute
  • February: Painful breathing led to shallow breathing led to collapsed lung. This turns out to be a chronic problem with the cartilage in my chest, chostochondritis.
  • March: Given 6 weeks to vacate our corporate offices. The only way this was achieved was to move all our datacenter items to our ISP's hosting facility over a weekend.
  • August: It is announced that our corporate parent company (best I could ever hope to work for, it was seriously always a joy) has sold us to a private equity company.
  • September: The goal is now: "All corporate hosted systems to be migrated to the cloud by end of October". This is now "End of year", though the scope has been reduced somewhat as well.
  • November: Mind-altering leg pain. Feels exactly like when I tore my MCL in my knee, except my knee is not swollen to the size of a basketball. Tried to treat it and deal for a week before finally going to the ER. It's a blood clot running clear from my knee to my ankle. 2 more weeks of agony before it started to clear with blood thinners. I have had to go from 6-pack per day to 0 beers ever until the 3 month course of blood thinners is done.

I don't even want to know what December is going to look like. Natalie's done tons of unpaid datacenter hours through all of this with another maintenance in January that I'm grabbing her for.

Fuck 100% of this year.