Linux Needs To Be Ashamed

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I'm a 25 year Linux user, 22 as my primary desktop. I like pain, and that's OK. But do I consider myself any kind of "expert"? No.

That said, I've just installed OpenBSD for the...fourth time ever? And first time that I've spend more than an hour or so using it. One of the first things I want to have working if I'm going to make this may daily driver is Xscreensaver. So I did two things, I installed xscreensaver with pkg_add just to get something on there, then I downloaded xscreensaver source, unpacked it and dopily ran ./configure, planning on picking up this project tomorrow.

Predictably it failed on intltool, so pkg_add intltool, ./configure and... done. Every single other dependency was met and the only message at the end was complaining about not having Systemd. So I ran it, and it worked. GL, everything. I haven't "tested" it tested it yet, but compare to Linux and it's a whole different world.

Since Linux distros and "Desktop Envrionments" are actively hostile toward XScreensaver, I'm pretty used to compiling from sources. Even on a "well worn" install that I've been using for years it can take 30-60 minutes of absent mindedly resolving dependencies before Configure will complete.

This OpenBSD machine has an uptime of 2 hours, plus let's say another 90 minutes for making networking work, and then making WiFi work, and getting IceWM installed. In the time this has been up, these packages have been installed:


So for me not to have to chase which package provides such and such glx blah blah forever has been great.