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The Beat @ Tupelo Music Hall

[music | DJ? Acucrack - Damage Control]

I guess we need to move to Londonderry now. Tupelo Music Hall was a pretty damn good little venue, except for the whole "having chairs" thing. The Tupelo Guy said at the beginning that this would be about the most energetic band you'd see at the venue, which is probably for the best, because honestly all you want to do is dance, but you just can't.

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What it might look like if I used Twitter

Almost exactly half my music collection contains "the". Of 15,137 tracks, 7578 have "the" in the Artist, album or track name. So I'm 19 off.

The reason this came to my attention is that I was searching my collection for The The. iTunes doesn't seem to like that search much and only hits on one "the". Quotes mean nothing to this application. Thanks again Apple.

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ohGr - Paradise, Boston 12-06-2008

[music | Miranda Sex Garden - Go Wailing Accents]

Tonight we have ohGr and American Memory Project at the 'dise. Also, grainy photos of same.

Short rundown and long bullshit rambling about Clubbers & Concertgoers

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Reverend Horton Heat @ the Roxy, Boston 11-13-2008

[music | Saul Williams - Skin of a Drum]

Deja-vu. Almost exactly a year after the last trip to the Roxy to get Religion, we're back with the Reverend and Nashville Pussy. Aside from me losing my toenail last year, I think I had just as much fun.

Horton Heat, photos, difficulty: IN THE PIT

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Mediæval Bæbes in E. Hartford, CT, Halloween (eve)

[music | David J. - Frosted Glass]

Let's get one thing straight from the outset. I refuse to keep pasting "Mediæval Bæbes" because I'm too stupid to learn how to make a swell "æ". I am changing to Mediaeval Baebes forthwith.

Show summary and pics

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Nine Inch Nails, Manchester NH

[music | Einstürzende Neubauten - Selbstportrait mit Kater]

I'm way behind on uploading photos for shows, like everything since Vega$ pretty much, and even then I've only put up like half of those. In any case I wanted to get these out for several reasons:

A:) There's a fuckton of them. I took 91 pictures that were good enough for Flickr. If I didn't do it now, I wouldn't ever bother.
B:) There were a handful of my friends there who weren't able to bring cameras and I was psyched that someone else might actually want to see these.
C:) Trent. Fucking. Reznor.
D:) I'm not going to sleep any time soon.

Here we go

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Rasputina at the Paradise!

[music | Velvetina Underground - Rusty The Black Skatemaker's Death Song]

Rasputina is always a good show, though I'm still waiting for one of their shows to match my first show with Zoe Keating and Jonathan TeBeest at Pearl St. There were some surprises tonight too, and I make some demands.

pics, videos

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Squirrel Nut Zippers + HUMANWINE @ Paradise Boston 7-18-2008

Late late update.

Natalie and I were very happy to see these guys touring this year. Squirrel Nut Zippers is fun, the Dise is a fun place to see bands (as long as I can stake out my pole early), so it was a no brainer. We got lucky, for this show was greatness.

Pictures, sure

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Bosstones and Dropkicks, 7-10-2008

[music | The Breeders - Sinister Foxx]

Fun fun fun. This show was apparently the first ever at LeLacheur Park in Lowell, I hope they do more after this, it was great. The floor they put down was way easier on an old man's knees than concrete or even wood. After jumping around for 3 hours I can still pretty much walk, which is a bonus.

Pics and rambling

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Beth Orton, MFA Boston 7-2-2008

[music | Consolidated – Infomodities]

We went to Beth Orton's 7pm show at the MFA, and I can say, finally, a relaxing show :-)

Unqualified Review, couple of pics

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