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Peter Murphy @ The Roxy

Peter Murphy @ The Roxy

[music | Leonard Cohen - Jazz Police]

Ali Eskandarian opened. I have no pictures of him, because I didn't want to get bounced since the place was still pretty empty, but he was a spaz. I especially liked his cohort, whose name I can't find. He looked just like Early Grayce (Brad Pitt) from Kalifornia, and did a good job of engineering the bleeps and bloops.

More and Pics

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Q: Are We Not Men?

[music | The Bruisers - Greed]

DEVO came to Boston for the first time in 20 years and rocked the Pavilion. They brought with them Tom Tom Club. The Dork was strong with this show.


There aren't that many bands that have been constant through every phase of music I've gone through since I was 12, DEVO and Talking Heads are two. We jumped at the DEVO tickets before I even considered who was opening for them, much like the Win-Win we scored with Squirrel Nut Zippers & HUMANWINE next month.

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Amanda Palmer & Pops Update

[music | New York Dollls - Vietnamese Baby]

Videos are up from the Boston Pops show we went to on the 19th. These look fantastic if you append &fmt=6 to the end of each video URL to get a decent res version.

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Amanda Palmer and Boston Pops!

[music | Mediæval Bæbes - Summerisle]

***Here be spoilers.*** If you didn't go to the Thursday night show, and are planning to go to the Friday show, I would urge you to read things only before the cut here.

Generic highlights and things I know:
-For this show, it's Screw You Ray, I'm going to hang out with Heinrich Steinweg for a while, it was a good plan.
-There will be video
-There will be audio
-I almost broke Sxip Shirey's arm as he got up from his table and spun right into me.
-Smarter people than me took lots of pictures, which I'll link to eventually. This is also the last straw for my "paying attention to the venue's camera policy" policy.
-I forgot that Zoe Keating is on New Record until I saw 50 string instruments backing this music and now I can't wait to hear New Record.

I have some form of concert Alzheimers disease, since I tend to say this a lot, but: This is, almost without question, our Favorite Show Evar. I think this one might hold onto that title for a while too, at least until DEVO.

Fanboy Aweigh

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The Breeders @ Paradise Boston 06-05-2008

[music | Unwoman - Deeper Understanding]

Only $22, what a Deal. Last pun promise.

Of course there's pictures:

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DeVotchKa - Paradise, Boston 5-18-2008

[music | DJ? Acucrack - Thalidomide]

Tonight was Devotchka, with Basia Bulat and Fancy Trash opening.

Plus some pics

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The Cure, Agganis Arena, Boston 5-12-2008

There are some bands that I just don't want to stand around and watch for 3 hours. Then there are others...

More, and lots of pics

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KRS-One Rescheduled at Harpers

[music | Gabby La La - In Dreams]

I got mail today about rescheduling of the KRS One show a Harpers Ferry. Some asshole fan whipped a bottle and hit him in the head and hand, broke his hand. Nice.

Here is the letter, what douchebaggery (re: the fan, clearly):

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China Forbes

[music | Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man]

Tonight is China Forbes @ The Paradise, Boston.

Natalie is the big Pink Martini fan here, I like them well enough, but she's the Lounge Music superfreak. We knew this wouldn't be loungey, but it was a very good show. She's a good song writer, and their performance was great. It was kind of an odd show because a huge part of the audience was friends and family (I guess she grew up in Cambridge), and so there was lots of in-joke back and forth.

The Grandmother stuff was the best. Her grandmother is 90 and apparently couldn't hear a thing, so Forbes was just hoping that everything "looks good anyway".

Opening was Lael Alderman, who is also the rhythm guitarist/everything-elsist for China Forbes' band. The audience was super light anyway, and not many people were there for his set, but he was good in a solo-male-singer/songwriter-Jack-Johnson sort of way. If you like Dashboard Confessional, you'll like Lael Alderman. I hope we were able to give him enough love from the 6 people in the audience at that point!

The main set was really entertaining, she pretty much played everything off of '78, and a couple of covers (R.E.M - Superman, Bryan Adams). The Bryan Adams song was good because of the story. This was her encore, and since no one in the audience seemed to go to many shows, they don't understand how encores work. When she said "It's been great playing here, hopefully we get back to Boston soon yadda yadda bye", everyone left. Every. One. So she said she had wanted to skip the encore but that the band made her do another song. So she told a story of Bryan Adams going back out on stage 30 minutes after a show in some stadium and playing to the few dozen stragglers who were still around.

Some of the people came back in after they started playing again. Many didn't :-)

A much higher percentage of my photos came out this time. Previously, I mentioned the blurry/grainy tradeoff I was willing to make, and I made it. I don't care, at least they're visible this time. No new camera however, the one I was trying to buy doesn't come out until June. Forcing ISO 400 and then playing with shutter speed seems to have done the trick largely. Maybe I'll put it at 200 next time for a while and see what happens.

Here they are:

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Saul Williams at the Paradise

[music | People Under The Stairs - More Than You Know]

What a surprisingly good show, I'm not surprised that it was a good show, but it was just amazingly good. Dragons of Zynth opened, who I'd never heard of, but I really liked them, and they will get my CD money. The first few songs reminded me of Smashing Pumpkins is a big way sound-wise, and their souled-up cover of Janie Jones really made my day, after learning I'd missed Mick Jones's band this past weekend.

Saul Williams was everything we wanted to see. Fantastic show and if you don't go see him you're a moron. Especially considering they were $15 tickets. Like many people, I came to him through Nine Inch Nails, with the tour a couple years back, and then Niggy Tardust, the album so nice, we bought it twice. The thing that motivated the audience most was his poetry. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of so called "urban poetry" as much, I think I associate the genre too much with Harold Perrineau. It's probably because I'm neither Urban nor a poet. I hang around in the city a lot, but I hardly think that makes me qualified to call myself Urban. In any case, his imagery was powerful and moving. His band was really tight, despite some on-stage tech problems, which happen all the time to everyone. The audience couldn't tell anyway. Well, I guess one guy yelled that he couldn't hear Williams' voice, but evidently that guy wasn't leaning on the stage, cause he sounded perfectly clear to me.

Natalie said that, even with all the shows we go to, this is right up there among her favorites, and I agree, energetic as hell, great lyrics, great sound, .

Williams' daughter came out for a couple of songs, she joined him on her spring break and was dancing like crazy and singing her head off. If all other career choices are unappealing to her, she could make for one of the great hype-men someday.

I'm glad Boston gave him such a great crowd, hopefully he'll come back around soon, as amazing as Niggy Tardust is, the live show was even better.

I swear that before Sunday's show I'll have a way faster camera. I'm getting really tired of having very non-grainy, usually blurry pictures. I want to swing that pendulum.

I only got a couple of decent photos, here they are:

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