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Room Service Ahoy

Yaargh mateys, 'tis time for some roomservice fit for a pirate. My boss and I decided against walking around in gale force winds to find a restaurant, and I knew no one in their right mind would seat me in the hotel restaurant, so I ordered room service and watched Good Eats instead. I was surprised.

This is justification after someone (British no less) made fun of my canapes last night...

I don't eat meat, it has been a year since I've had even chicken. I decided not to tempt fate too much and just ordered (safety) chicken, I wasn't disappointed.

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Trip to Bermuda

[music | Hanzel Und Gretyl + My Air Conditioner]

Here are some photos from day 1. We didn't get in until like 10pm, so the pics are just my room, and the weather kind of sucks today (well, on and off, like it always is here).

I think we were on the front plane out of Boston on our way to JFK.

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Upcoming possible shows:

* Sigur Ros - Orpheum 02/07

* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Avalon 02/17

* Flogging Molly Axis/Avalon - 02/17 & 02/18

* My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Axis - 02/24

* Legendary Shack Shakers - TT The Bears - 04/05

* Lez Zeppelin - Middle East - 02/18

Not up for discussion:

* MINISTRY - Worcester Palladium 6/16

That is all.

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Zoe Keating

[music | Aphex Twin - Windowlicker]

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Flickr Test

Originally uploaded by xrayspx.

Being the conscientous person I am, I decided to let someone else handle the bandwidth for any photos I post, so this is a test post from Flickr. It's a pic of my friend Steve's Ducati 900ss.

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This won't be easy

The other day, I bought a CD, Orbital - In Sides. I got it home and opened it, put it in my computer to rip it, and CD1 came up as Olga Tenon - Sobrevivir. The CD is screened right, it's just the wrong music.

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Here's a pendant I made my wife for XMas, it turned out fairly well for some ham-handed admin who doesn't know what he's doing.

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Tonight, my wife and I made cookies:

These are very orangy and we dipped them in chocalate on the backside, really good.
They're made from a carved wooden roller and then hand painted:

Sugar cookies and ginger cookies, frosted:

More suger cookies, snowflakes:

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Who is this stupid really?

What kind of idiot runs an Alpha version of ANY OS distribution? You're looking at him. Yesterday I decided I'd had enough of being paranoid about my music collection not being backed up, and bought a 120GB drive at Staples ($59). The intent was to move my desktop system over to that and I'd have one copy there and one copy on my fileserver.

I was going to download OpenSuSE 10.0 but for some reason didn't, and decided to use 10.1 Alpha. That was dumb.

I backed up my config from the old disk and moved it over to the fileserver, everything except my X11 config, which is a fairly large mistake in itself, and proceeded with the install.

* Network card - Works/Doesn't work, depending on its whim.

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Oh well dammit

[music | Nine Inch Nails - Fixed (Remixed by Coil)]

I'm going to go buy an Abacus tomorrow. Hopefully I can compile Firefox on it and go about my merry way.

Suffice to say, SuSE 10.0 didn't help things any. About 3 hours into my evening, while I was copying my backup .tars back over from my fileserver, New Install started locking up, specifically, X started restarting. While trying to figure that out, I got a bunch of kernel panics, rebooted, corrupted FS. While running reiserfsck --rebuild-tree, I got another kernel panic. There goes that install.

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