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Adam Gadahn, huh. Why can't any of these wackos just not resemble me in any way?

Dude could be my twin. Mucko, even RMS. WTF. At least I shaved off most of my beard yesterday.

Florida is great, got torched today, there is a set of pictures from SeaWorld at Flickr. More to come including a Devil Rays game and some rad armadillo photos taken tonight.

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Defcon 14 Day One

[music | DJ? Acucrack]

Some photos (some good, some bad) of Defcon 14 day one.

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My Redneck Hajj

I have to go to the greater Detroit area to install some bunch of network hardware in the next couple of weeks, and I'm trying to find stuff to do.

It just dawned on me today via Natalie that I will be in Detroit over Memorial Day weekend. She was predictably happy about me being gone over the long weekend.

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Back to Bermuda

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I'm booked back to Bermuda between Thursday and Monday next week. Different hotel though, directly next door to the last place. This likely means "no more gourmet food for me", but I guess we'll have to see.

I'm going with my boss and 2 other very new coworkers, I guess we'll have to see how that goes also.

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Room Service Ahoy

Yaargh mateys, 'tis time for some roomservice fit for a pirate. My boss and I decided against walking around in gale force winds to find a restaurant, and I knew no one in their right mind would seat me in the hotel restaurant, so I ordered room service and watched Good Eats instead. I was surprised.

This is justification after someone (British no less) made fun of my canapes last night...

I don't eat meat, it has been a year since I've had even chicken. I decided not to tempt fate too much and just ordered (safety) chicken, I wasn't disappointed.

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Trip to Bermuda

[music | Hanzel Und Gretyl + My Air Conditioner]

Here are some photos from day 1. We didn't get in until like 10pm, so the pics are just my room, and the weather kind of sucks today (well, on and off, like it always is here).

I think we were on the front plane out of Boston on our way to JFK.


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