This is the saddest thing I saw all day. I really can't think of a more appropriate way for things to play out though. Dying to protect his tiny piece of rock, protecting it from someone who really loved him, but wanted to take his rock away.

I remember very little about that book because I never really read it when I was a little kid. I was way too damaged, and I probably still am. But that story sums up a lot about warring over politics.

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Tools and Hacky Stuff

Here are some tools I've written which could be of use to other folks. It's going to be mostly Cisco related, some of which is still being formatted before I upload it, more to come.

CSSManager is a tool to simplify suspending and activating services in a Cisco CSS load balancer. It adds a couple of features like the ability to "lock out" a server and to add comments to a suspended machine to give context for its suspension. More features to come.

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Jobby Surveys

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Huh, my top 9 were all "mechanical" of some sort. I'm pretty sure that if I did anything more than fill my fluids I'd probably set my car on fire though. Strangely Printing Press Operator outranks my current job by 10.

1. Small Engine Mechanic
2. Appliance Repairer
3. Farm Equipment Mechanic
4. Millwright
5. Aircraft Mechanic
6. Motorcycle Mechanic
7. Automobile Mechanic
8. Heavy Equipment Mechanic
9. Diesel Mechanic
10. Electronics Repairer

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No Cure Show

Hmm. I just get a short contract job, and the only show to fall within the contract period gets cancelled the same day. Someone trying to tell me something?

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Cisco CSS Toy

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This is the first of a few tools I have to release in the coming couple of weeks, mainly involving Cisco's CSS product. The purpose of me writing them is that Cisco's web interface to the CSS is both a terrible user experience and has shown itself to be vulnerable to trivial attacks in the past (in a security sense). I don't want to run the web gui on my CSS's, and most of our admins were terrified of the command line. So I wrote a bunch of tools to help do their jobs, without the possibility of screwing up the load balancers.

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For god's sake...

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Buy some of this stuff! Or get a free sample or something.

Here's the site

One annoyed programmer :-)

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I'm Free

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To do what I want...any old time...

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"I dunno, '0'?"

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An email I just sent to our internal team. I've finally grown tired of getting several calls a week looking for baseball player guy, or Cheri. Many times I'll strike up a convo with whoever is on the other end. They end up asking "do you play baseball? Do you know X?" What, seriously, are the odds that I would *KNOW* whoever used to have my phone number?

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Defcon 14 Day One

[music | DJ? Acucrack]

Some photos (some good, some bad) of Defcon 14 day one.


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