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Pretenders, Cat Power and Jackie Jorp-Jomp, Hampton Beach Casino - 8/8/2009

--There were no cameras allowed tonight, so instead I live-blogged the first two sets from my phone, and kept a setlist for the Pretenders set--

Unnatural Born Singer
Why do I keep going places when I know Juliette Lewis is going to be there?

Just because someone can act like Janis Joplin and be a screaming disheveled trainwreck on stage does not give one the artistic cache to make people buy you as a musician. Juliette Lewis just strikes me as an actor acting like a musician they like.

Jackie Jorp-Jomp indeed

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Good TV Show Tonight

Pete Seeger's 90th birthday celebration at Carnegie Hall will be telecast tonight (Sunday 8/2 @ 9:00PM. I'm sure that this will be a must see for P_t_W and other like-minded people (if there are any others like him). I'm sure tis will enjoy it too.

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Depeche Mode - Mansfield, MA 7/31/2009

[music | Eddie Murphy & Rick James - Party all the Time]

Twenty years ago, my boss saw Depeche Mode at Great Woods, with Nitzer Ebb opening. Last night I thought that that must have been the show to see. An archived Globe article tells me I'm wrong. Nitzer Ebb would have made a much better opener than Peter, Bjorn and John, though. PB&J just pretty much annoyed us. The best part of their set was my SMS conversation about it. ("they're playing "Party all the Time", swear to god". "Hey, they're doing the Jitterbug into my brain". "PB&J (HAH) are doing Erasure covers".) before it devolved into Scandinavian bands that should have been on the stage instead. "Hey, at least the Ace of Base girl was stacked, the PB&J guy is kind of doughy, but it's just not the same".

Update: My copypasta review at Last.fm has gotten a couple of comments which made a really good point. Looking back it looks like we didn't enjoy or somehow regretted this show. Negative, it was awesome, it could have sounded better, and I'm willing to accept that it might have been our position in the venue. Let me know if you were in the middle and it sounded great to you. I still have high hopes for the CD!


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Doctor Who Cat

Some cat's parents watch entirely too much Doctor Who, and thanks to Ninja Cat I won't be sleeping any time soon:

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So Where WAS Obama Born?

"...Snopes has been accused by forum members here of being part of some Liberal plot..."

Snopes is self-serving (as well as Liberal-serving) and subject to correcting their own errors "on the fly".

WND finds errors in Snopes and "Fact Check" accounts of BO's birthplace:


"But it even gets worse for Snopes.com and wikipedia.com. By clicking on the link wikipedia provides for information on Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children you find these comments:

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Free Steps to dealing with a government you fear

[music | Pete Seeger - Talking Union]

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

Your Government should fear you, not the other way around, here's how to protect yourselves.

I've had some comments on my forums stating users fear of our current administration, and there are certainly many who started taking their personal freedoms much more seriously during our last administration. In the last 10 years, we've been asked to give up, or have had taken away, many of our liberties which were taken for granted. It's time to take them back.

Obama has shown no signs of easing off of the policies of "Capture everything, analyze later" carried over from Clinton and Bush. If you send unencrypted traffic across the Internet, you need to expect it to be read. If you say something inflammatory, expect it double. Know that there is no "Right to Privacy" and never has been, you have the Fourth Amendment protecting you from unreasonable search and seizure, but is intercepting a phone call transiting public lines "seizure"? Is capturing an email on an Internet backbone and scanning it "Search"? Nope. Anything you broadcast can legally be captured and interpreted by others, anyone, not just Feds. It's best to keep your footprint small, and whatever they do get, make them WORK to read it. This applies whether "They" are credit card thieves, identity thieves, or Feds. None of these groups should be given a free key to your private data.

If encryption is made ubiquitous by users, those capturing your traffic won't even know where to begin to try to interpret any of it. If you encrypt your shopping list before you send it to your spouse, they can't tell an encrypted shopping list from an encrypted Flash Mob location. If EVERYONE encrypts, they need to treat all traffic equally, and all their snooping will be for naught.

For those on my forums concerned about such things, there are answers, mainly "Encrypt" and "Obfuscate". Below are several free tools to help you protect your online identity and prevent anyone from reading anything that you don't specifically permit. Of these, the one with the most up-front headache for the average user will be encrypted Email, and the one with the most in-line overhead will be protecting your browsing with TOR. Once GPG or PGP is configured, you don't really have to figure it out. TOR takes a bit more of a toll on your day-to-day, but if your anonymity is worth it at that moment, it's worth it.

Should I go blocking anonymous users, or should we require login to participate?

Block by IP
20% (1 vote)
Fully anonymous, unpoliced, no verification
0% (0 votes)
Anonymous, valid email required
60% (3 votes)
Users must be logged in to post
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5
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Oh, I get it now

I see where the rabid, anti-logic right gets their figures now. Since no one I discuss such things with will quote sources, I'm forced to make them up and quote as necessary.

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I'm going to pop

[music | Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (Amduscia Remix)]

I think I just gave myself diabeetus. For Natalie's birthday I took her to breakfast. I got as close to full-English as you can get in my town:

2 bacon
2 sausage links
2 pancakes (where's my pertaters)
2 bread, toast
baked beans
eggs (scrambled)

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I've recently had to think about the mechanics of making idiot-proof backups on Linux and OSX. The specific machine I'm backing up is a Linux host with a 40GB drive. Historically only about 10% of the drive has been used, and the user has an IMAP mailbox, so all the mail is safe already.


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