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Dresden Dolls - Orpheum 12/29/2007

[music | Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (Sergio Mesa Remix)]

In the half dozen or so Dresden Dolls shows we've seen in the last few years, I've never been to a bad show. Often, Amanda's voice is fucked (like last night), once they opened for a band we didn't care about, but their shows are always excellent. Even as an "old timer", it's still easy to be impressed by the stage presence of just two people, and how much music comes out of those two instruments. I think that's because I count Brian as three people, and up to four instruments.

I've seen faster drummers, but no one can show me a more entertaining drummer. Drummers are usually second only to bassists in polls of "who is the most emotionless suckass on any stage". It's his treatment of the drums as an instrument capable of melody as much as his playfulness that makes him so important. That and he's really cute and hilarious to watch. I've never seen him go quite so far back during Coin Operated Boy. One day he's going to try that and discover he's 30, right there in the middle of the show. He'll say "Fuck, I'm 30", and just stay down. I know. And it's only 18 short months away. Get ready man.

I've also never seen Amanda get through an entire performance of Missed Me without cracking up at him at least once.

Her performance was nothing short of stunning. Her voice was as screwed as I've ever heard it from the get go, she couldn't even talk. I was worried we were going to have another Morrissey on our hands, but Amanda proved she could suck it up and not annoy everyone and have to reschedule.

For the love of god watch the video

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Bosstones - Middle East 12-27-07

[music | Unwoman - Deeper Understanding]

I always love going to Mighty Mighty Bosstones shows. The first time I went was at UNH in the middle of a blizzard. They opened the doors to the outside and we'd all go outside, pick up some snow, cool down, throw snowballs, then run back in and dance more.

The second time was at Hampton Beach Casino. They opened the doors to let the cool in there as well if I remember. I got a drumstick from that one.

This show as at the Middle East. There aren't any doors there, and it was mightily hot, but we were right up front by the loudspeakers and it was way fun. Not much jumping around was happening because everyone was just packed in like crazy. My knees were fine with this anyway, they think I should get pins in them, I keep telling them to shut it and be glad I haven't amputated them yet.

I also always leave Bosstones shows with the opinion that what I need more than anything in my life is a good hype man:



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More Winter & Christmas Pictures

[music | People Under The Stairs - We'll Be There]

Here are a bunch more pictures of New England snow. There are many more here, here and here, but these are some of my favorites between Natalie's and mine.

One thing that really bugged me a lot is that we seem to be getting "Iron Snow". Some of our icicles are all rusty looking, and our neighbor's house is covered with that stuff. I also noticed several other houses (mostly white ones since it stands out more) looked like they were all rusty. I guess it could be worse.

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I've been Push-Polled

[music | The Coup - 5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO]

Tonight I received two calls within three minutes of each other, the first was an invitation to a Barack Obama rally in Nashua, which I've said I'll go to even though I'm not sold on him, and the second was an automated poll.

There were only three poll questions:

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Snowy Pictures

I took a few outside pictures after our snow storm today, the sky cleared right up and it's beautiful out now. Now we wait to see if we get 10 inches on Sunday, or rain...

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OSX vs OpenSuSE

[music | Leaether Strip - What If (Beats on classic mix)]

The Amarok discussion usually comes as a result of a wider discussion/flamewar about the "little things" that bug the shit out of me a year after dropping SuSE for OSX as my home desktop. I used Linux as my desktop for about 8 years, and before that for more "traditional" server type applications. I've had a Linux desktop since Redhat 4.1, but it didn't replace Windows completely until about 1999. That gives me a different perspective on how a computer Should Just Work. My definition of that is skewed by things like uptime and standards compliance. I have no idea what the Standard Uptime is for a Windows desktop machine. My Windows desktops have always stayed up for months and months, because they do nothing except run Outlook and specialty business software that I couldn't get to work under Wine.

So from that perspective, OSX is not particularly stable. The only time I ever rebooted my linux machines was when either the power went out or I was upgrading SuSE. Aside from that, they Just Worked. I don't count things like upgrading KDE as a reboot, because it was just an X11 restart, ctrl-alt-backspace, new DE starts, no reboot. Leopard is more stable for me than Tiger was, especially in terms of returning from standby on the laptop. However in terms of applications "beachballing" and having to force-quit things, well that kind of thing rarely happened to me in SuSE. I'd probably kill Firefox every couple of weeks because something screws up or its footprint was too huge. I have to force-quit Safari every day or two (no SIMBL or other wackiness anymore until I figure out why this is).

Here's a quick list with some detail about what really bugs me, and what I really like in OSX:

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Amarok vs iTunes

I get asked a lot why I hate iTunes and what's so much better about Amarok. This is about Amarok 1.4.7, since there is no good way to run Amarok 2 yet. When I can get any copy of Amarok 2 to load a track and play it, either via the KDE4 Live CDs or from RangerRick's KDE on OSX native project, I'll give it a spin.

Here's a quick list of beefs with iTunes:

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New CDs

[music | Dr. Octagon - Waiting List (DJ Shadow/Automator Mix)]

I don't usually post about new CDs, I just get way too many of them. But I've been waiting patiently for two independent CDs and they both came in recently, and I really liked both of them.

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New Blog

I'm going to try out a blog on my own for a while, see if I can get it customized at all, and whether I like it better than lj. My guess is I'll be mirroring most of the content between the two for a while anyway.

I'm still in the process of moving blog posts over, and recreating all the old content on the new site, but I've decided to put it live anyway.

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