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Bosstones and Dropkicks, 7-10-2008

[music | The Breeders - Sinister Foxx]

Fun fun fun. This show was apparently the first ever at LeLacheur Park in Lowell, I hope they do more after this, it was great. The floor they put down was way easier on an old man's knees than concrete or even wood. After jumping around for 3 hours I can still pretty much walk, which is a bonus.

Pics and rambling

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Beth Orton, MFA Boston 7-2-2008

[music | Consolidated – Infomodities]

We went to Beth Orton's 7pm show at the MFA, and I can say, finally, a relaxing show :-)

Unqualified Review, couple of pics

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Peter Murphy @ The Roxy

Peter Murphy @ The Roxy

[music | Leonard Cohen - Jazz Police]

Ali Eskandarian opened. I have no pictures of him, because I didn't want to get bounced since the place was still pretty empty, but he was a spaz. I especially liked his cohort, whose name I can't find. He looked just like Early Grayce (Brad Pitt) from Kalifornia, and did a good job of engineering the bleeps and bloops.

More and Pics

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Q: Are We Not Men?

[music | The Bruisers - Greed]

DEVO came to Boston for the first time in 20 years and rocked the Pavilion. They brought with them Tom Tom Club. The Dork was strong with this show.


There aren't that many bands that have been constant through every phase of music I've gone through since I was 12, DEVO and Talking Heads are two. We jumped at the DEVO tickets before I even considered who was opening for them, much like the Win-Win we scored with Squirrel Nut Zippers & HUMANWINE next month.

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Amanda Palmer & Pops Update

[music | New York Dollls - Vietnamese Baby]

Videos are up from the Boston Pops show we went to on the 19th. These look fantastic if you append &fmt=6 to the end of each video URL to get a decent res version.

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How I spent my weekend

[music | Chicane - Andromeda]

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Amanda Palmer and Boston Pops!

[music | Mediæval Bæbes - Summerisle]

***Here be spoilers.*** If you didn't go to the Thursday night show, and are planning to go to the Friday show, I would urge you to read things only before the cut here.

Generic highlights and things I know:
-For this show, it's Screw You Ray, I'm going to hang out with Heinrich Steinweg for a while, it was a good plan.
-There will be video
-There will be audio
-I almost broke Sxip Shirey's arm as he got up from his table and spun right into me.
-Smarter people than me took lots of pictures, which I'll link to eventually. This is also the last straw for my "paying attention to the venue's camera policy" policy.
-I forgot that Zoe Keating is on New Record until I saw 50 string instruments backing this music and now I can't wait to hear New Record.

I have some form of concert Alzheimers disease, since I tend to say this a lot, but: This is, almost without question, our Favorite Show Evar. I think this one might hold onto that title for a while too, at least until DEVO.

Fanboy Aweigh

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Converting Visio Stencils to OmniGraffle

Someday, we'll live in The Future, I swear it.

Last year I bought OmniGraffle 4 Pro, I really, really like that app, and it makes using Visio seem like self torture. Now only if the formats were open all the way around...

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Fire in Amherst

[music | The The - True Happiness This Way Lies]

I saw the smoke from this fire in Lowell, MA on my way home, about 25 miles away. I wondered why Nashua was burning down and my wife wasn't calling me. Turned out that it was the second fire in a couple of years at Amherst Plaza on 101a.

If you've ever wondered what every emergency vehicle in Hillsborough County looks like all in the same spot, these photos will give you an idea what that would look like.

pics from the 3rd worst camera phone

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The Breeders @ Paradise Boston 06-05-2008

[music | Unwoman - Deeper Understanding]

Only $22, what a Deal. Last pun promise.

Of course there's pictures:

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