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Who is this stupid really?

What kind of idiot runs an Alpha version of ANY OS distribution? You're looking at him. Yesterday I decided I'd had enough of being paranoid about my music collection not being backed up, and bought a 120GB drive at Staples ($59). The intent was to move my desktop system over to that and I'd have one copy there and one copy on my fileserver.

I was going to download OpenSuSE 10.0 but for some reason didn't, and decided to use 10.1 Alpha. That was dumb.

I backed up my config from the old disk and moved it over to the fileserver, everything except my X11 config, which is a fairly large mistake in itself, and proceeded with the install.

* Network card - Works/Doesn't work, depending on its whim.

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Oh well dammit

[music | Nine Inch Nails - Fixed (Remixed by Coil)]

I'm going to go buy an Abacus tomorrow. Hopefully I can compile Firefox on it and go about my merry way.

Suffice to say, SuSE 10.0 didn't help things any. About 3 hours into my evening, while I was copying my backup .tars back over from my fileserver, New Install started locking up, specifically, X started restarting. While trying to figure that out, I got a bunch of kernel panics, rebooted, corrupted FS. While running reiserfsck --rebuild-tree, I got another kernel panic. There goes that install.

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Ubuntu, Bite My Ass

The other day I decided to take my iMac-DV with dead harddrive and fix it, and put 10.3.9 on it. It's been sitting around taking up too much space and not doing anything for too long. So I pulled the old dead disk out and put an old, not-dead disk in, and put 10.3 in. 10.3 complained about needing a firmware update before it could install.

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