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How I spent my weekend

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The CSSManager is meant to allow access to certain functions of the Cisco CSS series load-balancers to less trusted (non network-engineer) staff without opening the CSS up to too much risk of misconfiguration. Currently it allows web users to suspend and activate Services in bulk quickly and safely. There are also value-added features such as "locking" servers so someone can't accidently activate a server that was suspended for a reason, comments are also useful, especially when used in conjunction with CSSPump to give context to a suspended or down server.

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I'm deeply annoyed with IMAP

Since my exit, stage left from VistaPrint earlier this year, I've been running my site at 1and1, with no real complaints, except that their VMs only offer Fedora Core 4, which is ages and ages old. I've been running UW-IMAP since then, and I've had some complaints. I believe those complaints might be client relate, but they might not, so I decided to try out some different servers. My only real complaint is that when running multiple clients against the same message store, they get out of sync. and IMAP Folders

For some time, I've been annoyed by not checking all folders every time it checks mail. My situation is that I have an IMAP server at a colo, a Mac Pro at home usually with running and more importantly, running its filters, and a MacBook running that I take with me to work or wherever.

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I've been Push-Polled

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Tonight I received two calls within three minutes of each other, the first was an invitation to a Barack Obama rally in Nashua, which I've said I'll go to even though I'm not sold on him, and the second was an automated poll.

There were only three poll questions:

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Cisco CSS Services Page

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Here's a quick tool to show up/down/suspended status for services on the Cisco CSS line of load balancers. It's intended to abstract the majority of people who will ask for this data from the device itself. Cisco's web gui is an abomination, and this is much more efficient to get the data you want.

The site this was written for had many webservers each with many localized sites, such that a list of services could be:

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FreeS/WAN or OpenSwan and Cisco PIX VPN

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Config guide for FreeS/WAN and OpenSwan to Cisco PIX VPN

I've noticed some search engine activity hitting my resume looking for FreeS/WAN to PIX information, since I happen to mention both on there. I am currently running such a VPN, and decided I should tell people how I did it. It's easy.

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I'm not even going to pretend to make a decent page out of this yet. Here's a couple: use it

Natalie's site: Shop for custom painted furniture

Flickr: Here are my photos

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Tools and Hacky Stuff

Here are some tools I've written which could be of use to other folks. It's going to be mostly Cisco related, some of which is still being formatted before I upload it, more to come.

CSSManager is a tool to simplify suspending and activating services in a Cisco CSS load balancer. It adds a couple of features like the ability to "lock out" a server and to add comments to a suspended machine to give context for its suspension. More features to come.

New Blog

I'm going to try out a blog on my own for a while, see if I can get it customized at all, and whether I like it better than lj. My guess is I'll be mirroring most of the content between the two for a while anyway.

I'm still in the process of moving blog posts over, and recreating all the old content on the new site, but I've decided to put it live anyway.

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