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Web-Designer "Defined"

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Why do companies constantly classify programmer/DBA/admins as "Web Designers"?

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About xrayspx

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I'm 34, and an employed network administrator. I've decided to play with Drupal against my better judgment, it seems pretty straightforward, we'll see how it goes when I want to start editing the default themes, etc.

Meanwhile, you may find my resume here. I am currently interested in short to mid-term (3-6 month) contract work in the greater Boston and Southern NH (route 3 corridor) area.

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Think Different

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Just as long as your Different doesn't differ from our largest ISV's Different

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For very small values of "genius"

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It just took 3 technicians 17 minutes to pull a drive from my Mac Pro and slide in a new one. That includes (4 days plus) 7 minutes looking for a new one.

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Big as a Fucking Really Big Brick

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From what I gather, my Mac Pro is shortly to become a doorstop, according to S.M.A.R.T. in Disk Utility. That makes me sad. I think I have all the critical stuff backed up to a second internal drive, it gets one more startup tomorrow to try and get everything else onto an external drive. Then I guess it's a trip to a repair shop.

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Cisco CSS Toy

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This is the first of a few tools I have to release in the coming couple of weeks, mainly involving Cisco's CSS product. The purpose of me writing them is that Cisco's web interface to the CSS is both a terrible user experience and has shown itself to be vulnerable to trivial attacks in the past (in a security sense). I don't want to run the web gui on my CSS's, and most of our admins were terrified of the command line. So I wrote a bunch of tools to help do their jobs, without the possibility of screwing up the load balancers.

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Come on Apache...

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Today's been fun. Yesterday a site run by one of my friends ( was shut down by its ISP because they got a large influx of traffic, and the ISP panicked.

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New Toy

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Can you guys knock something around for me? Some of you have seen it before, but check out Collection Browser. So it's a collection of my CDs, with extra Amazon-Link goodness. I hope that works, I have little idea how that works, but it searches for them anyway, so as far as a user is concerned, it works fine.

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I have to fly to Romania, or possibly Russia, but probably Romania. I need to find the guy who wrecked my holiday weekend.

Silly Phishers/Spammers. The bummer is he probably has a nicer car than mine. Your Benz might be faster than my Toyota, but your fast-flux DNS will never be faster than my ability to pick out one "wrong looking" TCP connection out of a pool of 50,000 legitimate ones.

Who wants to come, boots required.

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Defcon 14 Day One

[music | DJ? Acucrack]

Some photos (some good, some bad) of Defcon 14 day one.


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