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For very small values of "genius"

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It just took 3 technicians 17 minutes to pull a drive from my Mac Pro and slide in a new one. That includes (4 days plus) 7 minutes looking for a new one.

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Big as a Fucking Really Big Brick

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From what I gather, my Mac Pro is shortly to become a doorstop, according to S.M.A.R.T. in Disk Utility. That makes me sad. I think I have all the critical stuff backed up to a second internal drive, it gets one more startup tomorrow to try and get everything else onto an external drive. Then I guess it's a trip to a repair shop.

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Cisco CSS Toy

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This is the first of a few tools I have to release in the coming couple of weeks, mainly involving Cisco's CSS product. The purpose of me writing them is that Cisco's web interface to the CSS is both a terrible user experience and has shown itself to be vulnerable to trivial attacks in the past (in a security sense). I don't want to run the web gui on my CSS's, and most of our admins were terrified of the command line. So I wrote a bunch of tools to help do their jobs, without the possibility of screwing up the load balancers.

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Come on Apache...

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Today's been fun. Yesterday a site run by one of my friends ( was shut down by its ISP because they got a large influx of traffic, and the ISP panicked.

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New Toy

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Can you guys knock something around for me? Some of you have seen it before, but check out Collection Browser. So it's a collection of my CDs, with extra Amazon-Link goodness. I hope that works, I have little idea how that works, but it searches for them anyway, so as far as a user is concerned, it works fine.

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I have to fly to Romania, or possibly Russia, but probably Romania. I need to find the guy who wrecked my holiday weekend.

Silly Phishers/Spammers. The bummer is he probably has a nicer car than mine. Your Benz might be faster than my Toyota, but your fast-flux DNS will never be faster than my ability to pick out one "wrong looking" TCP connection out of a pool of 50,000 legitimate ones.

Who wants to come, boots required.

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Defcon 14 Day One

[music | DJ? Acucrack]

Some photos (some good, some bad) of Defcon 14 day one.

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MacBook 13", very first thoughts

The new MacBook came in today, and I've been tooling around on it for the last couple hours.

-- Speed seems good

-- I toyed with my Treo 700w and can shoot pictures across, that is about all.

-- New Trackpad drivers woo yay, it's nice.

-- The magnetic power cord will take getting used to. If you pull it straight, it's almost impossible to unplug, however if you breathe on it funny from an angle, it shoots across the floor.

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Better luck next time, slugheads

Why am I a good guy? Being a bad guy would fuck with my schedule a lot less than this. Stupid script kiddies.

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Am I a moron, or a genius?

[music | Pigface - King of Negativity]

Time will tell:

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