Apple and IMAP Folders

For some time, I've been annoyed by not checking all folders every time it checks mail. My situation is that I have an IMAP server at a colo, a Mac Pro at home usually with running and more importantly, running its filters, and a MacBook running that I take with me to work or wherever.

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MacBook Air

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I think this machine defines the fine line between "Apple Fan" and "Apple Fanatic", so here are some first thoughts on the Macbook Air in disorganized bullet-point fashion:

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Tools and Hacky Stuff

Here are some tools I've written which could be of use to other folks. It's going to be mostly Cisco related, some of which is still being formatted before I upload it, more to come.

CSSManager is a tool to simplify suspending and activating services in a Cisco CSS load balancer. It adds a couple of features like the ability to "lock out" a server and to add comments to a suspended machine to give context for its suspension. More features to come.

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MacBook 13", very first thoughts

The new MacBook came in today, and I've been tooling around on it for the last couple hours.

-- Speed seems good

-- I toyed with my Treo 700w and can shoot pictures across, that is about all.

-- New Trackpad drivers woo yay, it's nice.

-- The magnetic power cord will take getting used to. If you pull it straight, it's almost impossible to unplug, however if you breathe on it funny from an angle, it shoots across the floor.

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Am I a moron, or a genius?

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Time will tell:

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The honeymoon is coming to an end

Couple issues with the iBook.
Firstly, and most annoying/dangerous(?) is that twice now, I've been just sitting using the thing, I think both times I was just selecting/deselecting blocks of text on some webpage in Safari, since I have a wacky habit of doing that as I read, and the machine went into hibernate. Couple panicked seconds later, it comes out of hibernate, and the battery has completely discharged. I haven't run off of battery at all, it's always been plugged in while I use it. I checked my battery serial, but it's not one which is eligible for recall.

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Something kind of worth writing about

I finally half-jumped ship on Linux. I have 5 computers, one runs windows as a dual-boot for my wife's sake, she uses it about once every four months to check her mail when she's not at work. The rest of the time, that machine is in SuSE. It has dual monitors and is very nice. I have an HP Laptop, 15", 60GB disk, DVD-ROM/CDburner, 9 lb. desktop replacement that I use for watching movies in bed and surfing from the couch.

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