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Morrissey Take 3

[music | X-Ray Spex - Age]

Morrissey and Kristeen Young Girl in a Coma (huddlah huddlah, honk honk) @ the Orpheum.

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Tori Amos' Rhythm Section @ The Orpheum

[music | Misfits - I Turned Into A Martian]

That might have been the most inappropriately mixed show I've ever been to. I've seen Tori Amos on 6 different tours, and that was by far the Cher-lookin'est Vag-grabbin'est humpiest I've ever seen her, but it didn't matter, you couldn't really hear a piano anyway.

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Regina Spektor @ The Orpheum

[music | Pixies - Cactus]

Natalie and I have seen Regina Spektor 4 times now in Boston. First opening for Dresden Dolls at Lupos in Feb '05, then a small show at the Paradise lounge in late '05 or early 2006. Then it seemed like she got real popular all at once, which is great. Last year about this time we saw her at a packed Avalon (~2000 people), and then tonight at a sold out Orpheum (cap 2750).

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Tanya Donelly and Kristin Hersh!

[music | Nick Cave - Let Love In]

Holy Crap I can't wipe the dopey smile off my face. Natalie and I have seen Kristin Hersh perform a couple of times (50 Foot Wave opening for the Pixies at BU, 50 Foot Wave opening for Throwing Muses at the Middle East), but I'd never had the opportunity to see Tanya Donelly either solo or with the Muses, I'd always been either too young/too poor or she wasn't playing out much. Just bad luck. I've always had a huge Tanya Donelly crush, which absolutely remains intact.

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Bob Dylan / Elvis Costello

[music | The Coup (favorite mutiny) Pete Seeger (Talkin' Atom) [ie "good protest music"] ]

I'm sort of angry with myself. I really wish I'd seen Elvis Costello the last time he came around solo, but I'm sure that wouldn't have prevented me from seeing this show, it probably would have only made me want to go more.

However, someone didn't pay attention to my Pact Between Artists and Audience for this show: The audience, by and large, does not care about the last 20 years of either of your careers, so know that. I established that in advance, someone got the memo, someone didn't.

I felt like I was watching the result of Leonard Cohen smoking an entire pack of Tom Waits being backed up by Bruce Willis. Maybe someone with artistic integrity (I have none, first you need the "artist" part) can explain to me what I'm missing in this show. (Please note, Natalie's opinion is entirely different from mine, she loved it.)

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Roller. F'ing. Derby.

[music | The Bruisers - Overthrow]

Last night we went to a Boston Derby Dames all-star team bout against Virginia's Dominion Derby Girls. Check out the Dominion's awesome Injury Log.

Updated with video:

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Wow, Print With These Guys

[music | DJ? Acucrack - Metrolux]

Herein is a brief comparison between VistaPrint and OvernightPrints.com postcards.

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Jobby Surveys

[music | The Birthday Party - Hat's on Wrong]

Huh, my top 9 were all "mechanical" of some sort. I'm pretty sure that if I did anything more than fill my fluids I'd probably set my car on fire though. Strangely Printing Press Operator outranks my current job by 10.

1. Small Engine Mechanic
2. Appliance Repairer
3. Farm Equipment Mechanic
4. Millwright
5. Aircraft Mechanic
6. Motorcycle Mechanic
7. Automobile Mechanic
8. Heavy Equipment Mechanic
9. Diesel Mechanic
10. Electronics Repairer

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Another Weekend Another Blown Show

Missed Infected Mushroom at Axis, but we ended up having fun bowling at Jillians. Wish Natalie was there though. Next time I ignore the optimists and buy tickets ahead.

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Web-Designer "Defined"

[music | Bjork - Storm]

Why do companies constantly classify programmer/DBA/admins as "Web Designers"?

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